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Measure your post-event success. The event manager can get significant insights for the event that you organized through Surveys and SMS Polls.

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Manage Your Event with Vivento
Manage Your Event with Vivento
Manage Your Event with Vivento
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  • Alumni and Institution Events

  • Conferences

  • Courses, Trainings, Workshops

  • Festivals and Fairs

  • Performances and Shows

  • Sightseeing and Trips

  • Meetings and Networking

  • Tradeshows and Expos

  • Sports and Outdoors

  • Fundraising

Popular Features

Vivento is everything you need to bring spectacular to your online ticket selling and event management needs.
  • Event Organizer Page

    Vivento provides you with your own event organizer page to share your current events to your customers.

  • Event Groups

    Group commonly themed events and list them on a single page to target customers of a specific industry.

  • Web Widget

    Using a widget, you can sell tickets anywhere around the web. Embed, engage and increase your ticket sales!

  • Discount Codes

    Give your best customers exclusive discount rates, or bait early customers with a limited time offer.

  • Referral Links

    Control, monitor and target relevant customer groups using our web and referral links.

  • Send Invitations

    Send out invites to your prospects.

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Vivento allows you to set up your own custom website with a fully functional ticketing system.